Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hurricane Survival Brochure - Research & Design

I finished designing a Hurricane Survival Guide to promote interest in my newish East of the Cooper blog. Took about a week to do the research surrounding Hurricane Hugo (too young to remember it), look at other disaster check lists, find hard core facts, and read through 5 or 6 scholarly papers summarizing the storm and public disaster response to hurricanes. Then consolidate everything down to a viable one page document. Getting all the information on to one sheet was the hard part. The other guides I've seen are booklets which are cool but bulky. I wanted something I would use to gather supplies and that meant small, concise and pocket-able.

The other other thing I'd like to add is an old style tracking chart, since television stations often go down and the internet is unlikely to be available, but couldn't do that at the 8.5 x 11" size. I'll probably create a companion tracking chart for the Carolina Region as an addition. I love creating something well designed and useful, that's also promotional.

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