Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tabula Rasa - In Retrospect

I've been doing more art related photographs, and experimenting with new lighting devices. My favorite so far has been the flame thrower. The light was intense and markedly different from the standard and pedestrian umbrellas, reflectors, spot lights and soft boxes. I'd love to show these photos to you, but my agent told me that they were proprietary and that I'd be infringing myself were I to put them on the internet.

Instead I'll show you a few photos from a shoot up in Bakersville at the Crimson Laurel Gallery where I photographed the group installation Tabula Rasa in situ. Crimson Laurel has a small upstairs gallery which they've been devoting to different shows and mediums. Tabula Rasa was a mixed media exhibit by eight artists from around Mitchell County. I hope after the success of this showing that the group will consider more succulent funky collaborations.

I ran across the exhibit in September while visiting the Bakersville Creek Walk Arts Festival and was stuck with its depth, whimsy and details. So when I had a chance to photograph Tabula Rasa, I jumped at it, even though I knew the logistics of working in such a small space would be challenging.

The seated figure to the left
was sculpted by Melissa Cadell.

The shoot gave me a chance to feast on the individual table settings in detail. I'm still exploring them in the photographs and snacking on hidden minutia and niblets. Check out the Crimson Laurel's website and visit the gallery in person if you have the chance. It's one of the better showcases in Western North Carolina for regional pottery, jewelry and furniture.

Below is one of the individual place settings by artist Lisa Gluckin. The first shot is a detail and then you have the complete setting.

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